Friday, March 2, 2012

Terrible Twos...

JJ seems to have an awareness that she is about to turn two and I am finding it very difficult. She is in that difficult stage where she knows what she wants and will persist until she gets it. Sometimes she can tell me what she wants, sometimes she can't and is frustrated by her lack of communication. I am frustrated.

Some days she can make my cheeks hurts because she makes me smile so much. The last two days she has made my head hurt with her screaming.

The terrible twos have snuck up on me and I am not prepared. I know it is a phase and it will pass but I feel like I need some words of wisdom to help me prepare and forge through with some level of sanity.

Wisdom anyone? Please?!


  1. Oh man I hear you......only words of advise are hang in there and call if you need distractions/playtime, we're here and they can scream it out together xx

  2. I hear you too! One of my two-year-olds is turning it on all day every day at the moment. I didn't go through this with my oldest, so I'm not prepared! The only wisdom is...this too will pass.