Monday, March 26, 2012

Seven years on...

A lot of good things come out of having children. One of the great blessings we received when MiniiMe was born was being putting into contact with some great people. In particular my mother's group. We meet pretty much every Wednesday for three years and then on and off over the last four years. Some more than others.

On Saturday we got together to celebrate the children reaching their 7th birthdays and to have some family photos done.

There was something in the air. Everyone was happy to be there, there was joy, there was a lot of love.

The seven year olds all lay together with their heads touching as they had for a photo when they were only a few months old. It was a special moment. We had got through some tough parenting together, shared our children's childhood and hopefully will share their futures. The community bonds were strong.

I am very thankful for these beautiful ladies.


  1. And let me tell you my friend.....I am beyond grateful to you for your amazing friendship and support over the years xx was a wonderful day :)

  2. Hello! I am so pleased to let you know that you have won a LEGO set from my giveaway. Will you please email me your postal address so I can have it sent out to you?! THANK YOU! And congratulations. x

  3. Well hello there, I was just blog hopping and read this post thinking "I just photographed a 7 year old/mothers group get-together.
    I will have them to you shortly :)