Monday, April 23, 2012

Today I will not feel guilty...

I have been feeling a lot of guilt over how much TV the girls have been watching. JJ in particular has become quite at addict of the 'tee-tee', as she calls it. And it is easier to put it on then listen to her scream and scream and scream.... She also likes to view a little TV as she does her business on the potty so to encourage her to sit there the TV has been on to keep her company. (As an aside, I am not really sure if I am toilet training her but she is getting it at home so now sure where to go from here, I loathe toilet training.)
If it is on the other two girls will be glued to it too.
A bunch of square eyes in this house.
I had resolved that we would cut the viewing down. Come up with a plan to make it only a certain amount of time a day at designated times.
But then the virus struck us and today I have succumbed and I am feeling awful. It is also my birthday so today I will not feel guilty about the fact we will sit in front of the box most of the day. If only the girls were old enough to watch some of my recorded shows with me - ABC kids is not quite what I feel like.
But I do want to figure out how to have the TV as an occasional friend - what do you do to manage TV viewing times?


  1. Oh we love the all out TV days here.....we call them doona days! Your allowed to watch and watch and watch and not feel guilty all the while eating popcorn on the lounge!!!
    Hoping your birthday viewings did become more 'adult friendly' and you managed to enjoy your night xx

  2. I wish I had no idea what you are talking about but alas I have a bunch of addicts here too. I am pretty good at restricting (most days) but I give in too. Happy birthday x

  3. I say forget the guilt and embrace the TV watching while you need to!
    I guess over the years we have managed it by only watching at certain times of day, a bit harder these days with ABC2 ... normally my girls would watch an hour each day, plus a movie on Fridays.
    But when someone is sick those routines go, and the TV just keeps running and I breathe a sigh of relief!