Thursday, May 3, 2012

Musical mind?

My Dad gives us money to buy the girls birthday presents. He isn't a shopper so he prefer we get something they will like. As MiniMe has got older we have put the money towards lessons. One year was dance, another drama and this year Dad requested the money be put towards music lessons.

As we have a piano at home (thanks to my dad passing on our old one when he downsized) and I use to learn piano it made sense that she started with piano. 

We have had one lesson. When I was telling this to Dad he asked how you go about fostering a love of music in your children. He feels like he failed with us. Practicing was always a battle and we did it out of obligation not enjoyment.

Do some children just have that passion or is it something you can create?

I noticed that if I sat with MiniMe to practice this week the - 'I cant do' attitude stoped. We have had numerous conversations about how it will take lots of practice to get good, you only get out of it what you put in etc...

So as we begin on this musical, what tips can you give me? Please?!


  1. I rememeber always wanting to learn the guitar, but dad always made it SOOOOO painful I just gave up, so making it fun and not a chore would be my advice!

  2. I do think that some children naturally want to play piano. They are just excited and interested and some are even obsessed with it! But on the other hand, I think that it is something that can be fostered in most children. Your girls are definitely at the age where practice needs to involve you, especially if they are not naturally motivated. But it should involve you anyway because it is so easy to get muddled during the week between lessons! My older girls practise better if we are there, 12yo will rarely agree to play alone.

    What a lovely gift from your dad! Very wise of him.

    Also keep in mind that it's ok to take a break and come back when they are older ...
    And I don't think I ever got back to you about piano teachers, obviously you found one!