Monday, May 28, 2012


I thought the curse of morning tea would get me today. It would appear that whoever is on the roster to do morning tea at playgroup inevitable can not come themselves, just drop off their goodies, as themselves or a child is sick.

However, after a rocky late afternoon/evening with JJ yesterday she woke up bouncing around, happy as Larry! So we made it and broke the curse.

It is a new playgroup that I have started going to this year and it has been really lovely. I don't know if it is just having one child to keep an eye on or if it is that fact that is it my last playgroup jaunt, or the small area which means I can see her from every corner of the room, or the lovely morning sun that warms one particular corner, or the lovely people, or the good kids craft or the fun that JJ has that has me happily coming back each week. But whatever the reason, I look forward to our Monday mornings.

What do you do on a Monday morning?

ps - sorry still cant get photos working - had a great one of JJ and her cousin with their monkey mask craft on today!

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  1. Monday mornings are the day for just Rouge and I to play. We go to the library to choose the families weekly books leisurely, we have walks, rides, cook, pass pegs, do coffee and whatever else we like.....I love mondays!