Friday, May 25, 2012

A little kick...

This term I am taking JJ for some swimming lessons. I went in the water and did lessons for MiniMe when she was quite young so I thought I would not deprive my youngest daughter (too late for Goofy she missed out!). It is some nice time for the two of us to hang out and have eye contact, focus just on having fun with her.

There is a long period of floating on her back at the beginning of each class. JJ does it for a bit and then has had enough. She wants to kick kick, she is a water baby.

This week the teacher had a quiet but stern word with the mothers in the class. From her pink bracered mouth she told us that we were in charge and they might not want to stay on their backs but we have to keep turning them over until they get the idea that it isnt worth fighting, they might as well just float.

It was the little kick I needed to remember that I am the parent and I make the decisions in our relationship. Just because she screams for nouk (milk), for example, does not mean that she gets it. If I persist and stay firm then she will come round, in time.

So it took our young swimming teacher to make me realise that there is going to be some screaming and unhappiness in our house but in the battle of the wills, I will win!


  1. From the pink-braced mouth of babes comes words of wisdom! x

  2. I am having a lot of trouble keeping mine on their backs at the moment. Will take a breath and persist. Thanks swimming lady! x

  3. Oh I needed this post tonight....thanks for the reminder!

  4. Yey for you! How many times did I have to say "no, Mummy decides" to my girls? (and how many times am I saying it now but in more grown up ways, balancing that with giving some independence?)
    And yet they have never complained that I didn't let them make choices when they were younger!