Monday, March 6, 2017

The conclusion to my life story ... so far

Recently I had to write my life story and here is the conclusion....

For many years I have been asked what ‘work’ I am going to do. I have fallen into many jobs over the years that have worked with the stage of life our family was in, but none that I really seeked out or desired. While this has been a blessing, I have often felt I was waiting for my ‘calling’, the work that would bring me joy and satisfaction. For some reason I had felt this had to be a work I was paid to do, that is wasn’t a real job unless someone paid me to do it. However, I have since realized that I am doing the work that brings me joy and satisfaction. I am being the mother to my three daughters and being a part of the community that surrounds us. I work at building relationships and supporting those who need it. With more people working but not having family support at hand they need people like me who are available to help them when needed. The other day a friend’s nanny forgot to pick up her children from the station and they had no way of contacting their mother but they knew we were home so they come to us. I want our house to be a refuge, where people know that they are welcome and will be cared for. They say it takes a village to raise a children and I guess I have found my place in the village. I don’t need to be the one hunting and gathering. I earn my way by looking after others so that they can hunt and gather and know that their children are well looked after and loved and that they will have a listening ear when they need it too.

It has taken me many years to come to peace with what my 'gainful employment' is. According to Wikipedia, 'gainful employment refers to an employment situation where the employee receives consistent work and payment from the employer.' I have consistent work and while I may not be paid in cold hard cash, I receive a lot in return. My heart can burst with love for my three incredible daughters. All so different, yet all amazing. I get to work to my strengths of kindness and hospitality.  I watch people grow and have them help me grow too as I spend time with them. There is time to foster new relationships within our community and connect people together. I definitely see the gains from my employment.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting my tile on...

It all began when JJ dropped one of my friends grandma's favourite plate - 'Moasic!' I said and so a new project was started. We have been getting together over the last few weeks and being taught how to get our tiles on.

I found this table on Gumtree and then purchased some plates from an op-shop and then therapeuticly smashed them!!

Now at least when JJ breaks our bowls, mugs etc I have a use for them!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shhhh...I am having a DC

When I was in the midst of exhaustion from having a newborn I would sometimes treat myself to a Diet Coke. Whenever I did this MIL would arrive unexpectantly and I would feel I needed to explain my choice of beverage. She has long told me the evils of DC and plain old regular coke so I felt like a naughty kid being caught.

And I do agree that it isn't great for me. I have had other people tell me that I am killing myself with ever sip. And Mum drank it for years and years so many there is some truth in it or maybe there isn't. So I think moderation is the key, link most food. I enjoy and feel a better about not having 8 tablespoons of sugar.

The one 24 pack has lasted me two and a half years so as you can see it is not a regular habit. But this week I decided to buy another pack just in case the urge for a DC hit came again. I was going to MIL's after the shopping and had a sudden anxiety about being caught with the illegal substance in the boot so I hid it in a blue supermarket freezer bag until I could get my stash home and hid it in the cellar.

But has made me think I should have a more educated opinion about my beloved DC. But were should I start? Any DC lovers or haters out there that can guide me on my quest?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Poo wee bommy

So we find ourselves in the midst of toilet training once again and once again I feel at a complete lost and an incompetent mother. I ever thankful that this is the last time we will undertake this task and that I have the knowledge that JJ will not be defecating her pants at 18 years of age, she will learn. Slowly but surely. But for now our world seems to revolve around poos, wees and bommys (JJ's word for her bottom).

We are at the stage that she knows how to go and when she needs to, she just chooses not to if it doesn't suit her. She is not phased by wet pants...or worse.

I am wishing we had waited till the summer till she was closer to three but she did so well for the first few weeks that I thought we were home and hosed. Now I am home and using the hose on her!

I even sent in for the Huggies pull up toilet training guide in desperation. I got a bit bamboozled by the chart they sent so didn't get too much further with it. It is in my reading pile. Any other suggestions for struggling toilet trainers and their mothers?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012


On our walk home from the bus stop today....

Goofy: I wish I could live in the same house as Cousin S.
Me: And why is that Goofy?
Goofy: Because I like her. I would give her a hug everyday. I would give her a kiss everyday.

Monday, July 23, 2012

7 years....

This time seven years ago I was holding my mother's hand and telling her all the plans I had for the future. What my future children would be called. That they would know who she was even though she would not physically be there. That I would miss her. A few hours later my brother would walk into her hospital to join my father and I by her bedside and she would take her last breath.

The grief has dulled. I still miss her but it is now my 'normal'. It no longer feels as alien not to see her.

Today is a good reminder to be thankful for the hope of heaven. That one day we will all be together as a family again. That she will meet all her grandchildren and there will be much rejoicing.