Monday, September 19, 2011

Made it monday .... disco chickens

There is a reason for my silence recently. I have been busy sewing.  First I made 20 of these chicken heads for MiniMe's class to wear to a small concert they are having at school. I had bought this brown fabric for a 70s night to use as tablecloths but didn't use it so was wondering what I would do with so I am pleased it found a use!

Then MiniMe had a school disco and so I used some left overs from the disco dress I had made for myself to make something for her from one of Mum's old patterns. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my first adults piece of clothing I had made - a sparkly number for the school fundraiser night that had a disco theme.

There was also a Silky (from the Faraway tree) costume made for book week.

Throw is a dose of the flu and that explains were I have been!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Young love...

The other night dinner we questioned MiniMe about her rumoured boyfriend...

Me: MiniMe, do you play much with Mike?
MiniMe, grins sheepishly: Why do you want to know?
So immediately we know something is up.
U2: Do people in you class have boyfriends?
MiniMe: Yes
U2: Do you?
MiniMe: No
Me: Does someone in your class think they are your boyfriend?
MiniMe: Yes.

We then got a run down on who was whose boyfriend/girlfriend (One boy had two girlfriends!). Intriguing what goes on in Kindergarten! When we asked what this all meant, MiniMe informed us that it just meant that you played with this boy more that the others.

U2 jokingly told her she had to wait until she was 24 to have a boyfriend but then revised this to 16. My aunt and uncle have a policy that their son (13) isn't allowed to have a girlfriend till he is 14 and it was interesting once talking to him about this. He got it and was totally fine with it. It started me thinking about what we will do when boys enter our lives as more that just friends. I started then I stopped, putting it into the pile that could wait till later.

We have a way to go before I think we need to be thinking about this but those with older children, did you have an age that your children where allowed to have a 'boyfriend/girlfriend'? Did you as a teenager?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Missing socks...

I have a basket full of odd socks. I do not understand where they go. Two come off the feet but one comes off the line.

A frustrating mundane mystery.

Our linen cupboard feel apart this week so I had to reorganise it and part of the mystery was solved.

The winter sheets that I put in the dryer as it had been raining for weeks contained two of the sort after socks in the recesses of the elastic corners.

There are many more in hiding but it was satisfying to see two pairs reunited.

Were else could the lost socks be hiding?