Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winners and losers....

I am not convinced that Seven has made the right decision in cutting the season of Packed the Rafters short and putting its new 'must see' show Winner and Losers on in its place. I really liked Rafters and this new show is not living up to it in my books. The characters just done seem that real. I think we are meant to see them as like our friends but they aren't anything like my friends. Anyway, despite what I think of the show today it made me think about being a winner and/or a loser. So today...

MiniMe went to school today after being quite crook yesterday and looking like she might need the whole week off school, missing her school disco. 24 hour virus only. Winner!

I went to Vinnie's and was looking for jeans for MiniMe. I was just starting to lament the not buying anything new for a year as it I was thinking it would be much easier to go to the shops and buy quickly exactly what I wanted but I diligently went to Vinnies. Country Road girls size 6 jeans on the rack for $5!! Winner!

Went to chiropractor and neck is feeling a little better. Being massaged for a 45 mins, winner!

The queues were short at Medicare and the bank and I left the shops up a few hundred dollars. Winner!!

The storm that was coming over at 3pm didn't start till after we were all safely inside from preschool/school. Winner!!

Dinner made last night so just have to reheat tonight. Winner!! Going to a friends place tonight. Winner!

So today I feel was a win and I guess that is what you have to do every day. Look at the wins you have had rather that magnifying in on your loses. A win is a win no matter how small it may seem.

Being reminded to have a more optimistic view of life - winner!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Made it Monday...a clever friend.

A clever friend made these for JJ for her birthday. I think they are amazing and am looking forward to seeing JJ toddling around in them this autumn! They are too cute to be covered over by a jumper so I am hoping the cold weather stays away till she grows out of them!!

My friend is about to start an online store so I will keep you posted!

Thank you clever friend!!

PS - Click on the grey squares to see the photos. Sorry, not sure what is going on with the photos!

Friday, March 25, 2011

If I could call...

Sometimes what I would really like to do is pick up the phone and call my Mum. Sometimes I am still that little kid who wants to tell her Mum the news of the day. Even if it wasn't exciting to her, she would pretend it was.

This week I would tell her .....

JJ took her first steps yesterday. My baby is becoming a toddler. It is exciting and sad all at the same time, but mostly exciting. She is making us smile a lot. She has just turned one and it reminds me of MiniMe's first birthday were you declared you were planning on being around for her twenty first birthday, not just her first. If only.

Those years of watching Brother at soccer practice are paying off. I am now in my own soccer team. I am not very good but it is fun. Competitive exercise with friends and a good laugh. The laughter is as good medicine as the exercise.

I am one of the class parents for MiniMe's class. I cant remember if you were ever for our classes. I suppose being a teacher yourself you didn't feel like it. It is strange being the parent at school now not the student. It makes me look back at my only schooling from your perspective now. I thought going to school was my job but you were doing a lot behind the scenes to make it all happen! I went on MiniMe's first excursion last week. I take my hat off to kindergarten teachers! The kids want to be right on top of you all the time, exhausting!

MiniMe wants to play soccer. Should be interesting. Saturday sport begins....

Goofy is quietly doing her own thing. She doesn't make as much noise as the others so I have to remember to spend time with her. She's very different to MiniMe. Gets the job done with little fuss. It has been good taking her to gymnastics lessons. An hour focused on her.

Dad is doing a really good job at planning our SA holiday at the end of the year. It will be good to see all the extended family and it is great having sometime fun to look forward to. I am looking forward to spending easter with Dad and the A team!

I really should go. You can't see the kitchen bench again. And so another day begins....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothing new for a year cards

So far the nothing new for a year is going well (although I think technically I slipped the other day as I purchased something from Woolworth's which wasn't food but it was an accident, I swear!).

I am enjoying not being up at the shops as much and thinking if I really need something and what can I use from my piles at home.

But I face a dilemma.

We have just been given a $50 Myer voucher (by a large company not a friend).

Is it breaking the rules if I buy something new with it? Some new winter work clothes perhaps? Or a replacement for my favourite bodum tea cup that broke (which has an inbuilt strainer - such a great idea!)?

Or should I use it at Coles on groceries? I haven't checked but I assume it is for the whole Myer group.

What to do? My general rule of thumb is go with my gut on whether I think I am breaking the 'nothing new' but my gut is undecided.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Growing up...

A week or two before her first birthday JJ came into greet me one morning and didn't automatically demand to be feed so I let it slide and she was happy without it. So there went the morning feed, leaving only our evening cuddle remaining. I knew this too was numbered. Last night she bite me numerous times in a row on one side and then howled in anger on the other. Milk in cup and she was happy. My breastfeeding days are over.

On the whole I am ok with that. I knew it was coming. It would have been nice to know that two nights ago was the last time but I am glad she weaned herself. She was ready, even if I might not have been!

It was strange this morning to search through the drawer for a bra that didn't have clips on it and had wire! The breast pump is on ebay. I am pensively taking my steps into the next stage of our family's life. No more little babies.

As with all change there are the things you will miss about the old way. The smallness of babies, the way they fit in your arms completely, that they don't move or talk back or argue about what they are wearing. They are so very cute. But I look forward to being able to do different things as a family. Things that are difficult when you have baby who cant join in, when you are tired.

I feel that last night our family grew up a little. I wonder what we will be when we are grown up.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Made it Monday....elephant

If I had to pick my favourite animal it would have to be the elephant (quite liking owl designs too at the moment but will have to see if that lasts). I think it might have something to do with the fact that my father grew up next to an elephant farm in South Africa. It could also be because they have a strong sense of family and a long memory.

So I immediately liked this fabric and had saved it in case my brothers wife had a girl and I was going to make something with it. So far two boys for them so I decided it was time to use it.

I made this little stuffed toy for a friends first birthday/naming day. I pray she has a long life surrounded by her loving family!

Trunks up to little M!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursdays theological thinking .... the church building

I have never really given much thought to the building a church meets in and what impact this has. I know all have their pros and cons. I have been thinking about this a bit today as we had an interesting discussion at bible study this morning as to whether God holiness has been lost over the last few generations. Church has become a lot more of a casual affair. God is seen more as our friend in the pew rather than someone we stand in awe and reverence of. Is this in part due to the change in the look of our churches? We no longer have as many impressive catherdals. Many churches (like mine) meet in school halls.

There is something about walking in to a large cathedral that silences you. Maybe it is the size that dwarfs you and makes you realise you are tiny compared to God. Our forefathers had this weekly reminder when they attended beautifully ornate large churches. There was something different about Him that ellicted our respect, He was set apart from the people. But this also meant that God was not approachable, not attainable.

In modern times maybe we have gone too far the other way. We focus on the fact that we have a personal relationship with God, we have an intimate daily relationship with him. This gives us a sense of familiarity that can make us foget that God is not like our friends. He is loving and caring and wants us to be happy but he is also our judge, all knowing, all powerful, all merciful. He is not like us, He is holy. This requires a different response than how we relate to our friends. Does meeting in a hall promote a sense of casulness with God?

Is finding the balance between God's holiness and his intimate love for us a modern dilemma for the church that is reflected in the biuldings we meet in? Do you find the where you go to church affects how you view God? If you dont believe in God then what do you make of churches that meet in schools/halls etc?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back in the heels...

Yesterday I exchanged by black Havaiana's for some black heels, not outrageously high heels like the Jimmy Choo's pictured but heels none the less.

Yesterday I stepped back into the paid work force. I am definitely out of the practice of wearing any type of heel and today my legs are sore and are thankful to be back on flat ground but are not deterred from putting on the heels again.

I had my first patient education seminar yesterday and overall it went well. I finished the presentation in record type, which is not a good thing! I talk extra fast when I am nervous and I also need to repeat myself a lot more to drive the point home but other than that it went well.

I once again take my hats off to those mother who work inside and outside the home! I have been working from home the last few weeks, trying to get bits of reading done and write/practice my presentation and it has been tricky squeezing it in during the day and staying awake to concentrate at night. Then the logistics of getting children to were they had to be in the morning while worrying about getting to the presentation on time was a challenge as well. A round of applause to those mothers who do this on a regular basis!

I enjoyed being in the heels again, it was nice to feel like my years of study had not been wasted. The nature of the presentations is helping people understand an eye disease they have and the treatment they are having so it is also nice to be able to ease some of their fears.

It is good to have the first one under my belt. I am sure my legs will become more adapt to the heels and it will make me more grateful for the barefoot days I have!