Friday, March 25, 2011

If I could call...

Sometimes what I would really like to do is pick up the phone and call my Mum. Sometimes I am still that little kid who wants to tell her Mum the news of the day. Even if it wasn't exciting to her, she would pretend it was.

This week I would tell her .....

JJ took her first steps yesterday. My baby is becoming a toddler. It is exciting and sad all at the same time, but mostly exciting. She is making us smile a lot. She has just turned one and it reminds me of MiniMe's first birthday were you declared you were planning on being around for her twenty first birthday, not just her first. If only.

Those years of watching Brother at soccer practice are paying off. I am now in my own soccer team. I am not very good but it is fun. Competitive exercise with friends and a good laugh. The laughter is as good medicine as the exercise.

I am one of the class parents for MiniMe's class. I cant remember if you were ever for our classes. I suppose being a teacher yourself you didn't feel like it. It is strange being the parent at school now not the student. It makes me look back at my only schooling from your perspective now. I thought going to school was my job but you were doing a lot behind the scenes to make it all happen! I went on MiniMe's first excursion last week. I take my hat off to kindergarten teachers! The kids want to be right on top of you all the time, exhausting!

MiniMe wants to play soccer. Should be interesting. Saturday sport begins....

Goofy is quietly doing her own thing. She doesn't make as much noise as the others so I have to remember to spend time with her. She's very different to MiniMe. Gets the job done with little fuss. It has been good taking her to gymnastics lessons. An hour focused on her.

Dad is doing a really good job at planning our SA holiday at the end of the year. It will be good to see all the extended family and it is great having sometime fun to look forward to. I am looking forward to spending easter with Dad and the A team!

I really should go. You can't see the kitchen bench again. And so another day begins....


  1. She would have loved to receive that call :(

    You are doing a great job with those girls you know. Not to mentions your prowess on the soccer pitch!

    None of us spends enough time talking to our parents. We take it for granted that they will be there forever. They won't of course, but neither will we I suppose.

    Keep moving...


  2. Goodness I'm crying. My mum died 5 years ago now (she was only 51) and I know what you mean. Somedays I just want to call her... Just to hear her voice just one more time... Just one more time.xx