Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winners and losers....

I am not convinced that Seven has made the right decision in cutting the season of Packed the Rafters short and putting its new 'must see' show Winner and Losers on in its place. I really liked Rafters and this new show is not living up to it in my books. The characters just done seem that real. I think we are meant to see them as like our friends but they aren't anything like my friends. Anyway, despite what I think of the show today it made me think about being a winner and/or a loser. So today...

MiniMe went to school today after being quite crook yesterday and looking like she might need the whole week off school, missing her school disco. 24 hour virus only. Winner!

I went to Vinnie's and was looking for jeans for MiniMe. I was just starting to lament the not buying anything new for a year as it I was thinking it would be much easier to go to the shops and buy quickly exactly what I wanted but I diligently went to Vinnies. Country Road girls size 6 jeans on the rack for $5!! Winner!

Went to chiropractor and neck is feeling a little better. Being massaged for a 45 mins, winner!

The queues were short at Medicare and the bank and I left the shops up a few hundred dollars. Winner!!

The storm that was coming over at 3pm didn't start till after we were all safely inside from preschool/school. Winner!!

Dinner made last night so just have to reheat tonight. Winner!! Going to a friends place tonight. Winner!

So today I feel was a win and I guess that is what you have to do every day. Look at the wins you have had rather that magnifying in on your loses. A win is a win no matter how small it may seem.

Being reminded to have a more optimistic view of life - winner!!

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  1. Yay you!! Great post - loving the winner attitude. I watched last night too and I'm not sure yet. Could be okay but we'll have to see.