Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back in the heels...

Yesterday I exchanged by black Havaiana's for some black heels, not outrageously high heels like the Jimmy Choo's pictured but heels none the less.

Yesterday I stepped back into the paid work force. I am definitely out of the practice of wearing any type of heel and today my legs are sore and are thankful to be back on flat ground but are not deterred from putting on the heels again.

I had my first patient education seminar yesterday and overall it went well. I finished the presentation in record type, which is not a good thing! I talk extra fast when I am nervous and I also need to repeat myself a lot more to drive the point home but other than that it went well.

I once again take my hats off to those mother who work inside and outside the home! I have been working from home the last few weeks, trying to get bits of reading done and write/practice my presentation and it has been tricky squeezing it in during the day and staying awake to concentrate at night. Then the logistics of getting children to were they had to be in the morning while worrying about getting to the presentation on time was a challenge as well. A round of applause to those mothers who do this on a regular basis!

I enjoyed being in the heels again, it was nice to feel like my years of study had not been wasted. The nature of the presentations is helping people understand an eye disease they have and the treatment they are having so it is also nice to be able to ease some of their fears.

It is good to have the first one under my belt. I am sure my legs will become more adapt to the heels and it will make me more grateful for the barefoot days I have!

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  1. And hats off to you for doing it all in heels! I'm impressed!