Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothing new for a year cards

So far the nothing new for a year is going well (although I think technically I slipped the other day as I purchased something from Woolworth's which wasn't food but it was an accident, I swear!).

I am enjoying not being up at the shops as much and thinking if I really need something and what can I use from my piles at home.

But I face a dilemma.

We have just been given a $50 Myer voucher (by a large company not a friend).

Is it breaking the rules if I buy something new with it? Some new winter work clothes perhaps? Or a replacement for my favourite bodum tea cup that broke (which has an inbuilt strainer - such a great idea!)?

Or should I use it at Coles on groceries? I haven't checked but I assume it is for the whole Myer group.

What to do? My general rule of thumb is go with my gut on whether I think I am breaking the 'nothing new' but my gut is undecided.


  1. Ha! A dilemma. Technically it should be groceries, or you could spend it on basic, business undies or something like that? Bummer huh?

    Like the new look BTW - haven't been around Blogland much so not sure how long you have been looking this gorgeous, but I like :)

  2. I say buy something! Maybe the mug or some clothes, something you need ... If the company had given you a present would you return it? Probably not! Buy the gift that you wish they had given you ... a year is a long time with nothing new ...

  3. Buy whatever you want, I say! I don't think it's breaking any rules... I see it as an opportunity. x