Thursday, June 30, 2011


There is a mouse
It is living in our house
I wish it was not
I wish it would rot
Goofy would like it for a pet
Of that she can forget
I have looked here and there
I have looked everywhere
In the pantry I expect to see
It's beady eyes fixed on me
I know I am bigger
But my fear you do trigger
Please leave our house
Little brown mouse

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When words fail....

There are times when you know that your words will not be enough. One of my dear friends is hurting today. Her mother lost a very long battle with cancer last night. My heart aches for her.

My friend is, as always, gentle and faithful. She rejoices in the fact that her mother has gone home to her Saviour but she still feels the acute pain here and now that her absence brings.

So while I know no words I can utter will reduce the pain she is feeling and no actions will ease the pain in her heart, I will hug her with my prayers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Half way through Act 2 MiniMe leaned over to me and gave me a big squeeze cuddle and whispered 'This is the best day ever'.

For a six year old (and her mother) the day couldn't have been better.

She woke up at her grandparents house after a sleepover. I picked her up and we went to my Dad's house were the three of us the walked to the ferry. A ferry ride over the blue harbour waters landed us at Darling Harbour where we then walked to Chinatown.

Choosing her own lunch at Yum Cha with a tall apple juice on the side and the anticipation of the 'movie' building.

A short wander through Paddy's markets where everything is at your level to touch and play with. The excitement growing as around the corner .... the capitol theatre awaits .... Mary Poppins live on stage.

M&M's and some 'Lovely Lemonade' in hand, perched on her cushion, MiniMe was enthralled for the 2 hour and 40 minute show. It was an amazing production. The sets and the cast were particularly amazing. Slightly different to the movie in order and storyline but that didn't distract for her (or me).

A large ice cream at the Lindt cafe that was too big to finish and a ferry ride as the sun set over the harbour to finish the day.

Home in time for bed.

An amazing day thanks to my generous Dad.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I have liked the idea of getting an ottoman for quite awhile - literally putting your feet up at the end of a long day. But I didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for one (and cant at the moment!).

I have also wanted to get rid of our two huge bean bags that lurk around the house.

The two ideas collided and the black ottoman pictured above was the aftermath!

Now the only problem is that we only have one so I think I will need to make another one.

The cushion on the chair is one I made a little while ago - we are going a bit stripey at the moment. I found this material shop that sells fabric like our original cushions. The black fabric was all from remnants which made it even more economical!

Might go put my feet up now....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enjoying a bit of craftiness...

This morning I spent a lovely couple of hours with a much loved friend chatting and knitting. It made me realise why so many of my mothers generation have a 'stitch and bitch' group. My knitting was easily portable and gave me some time to do it during the day which I would never do at home and I got to chat to my friend while I did it, another favourite past time.

We may have got more done without our toddlers running around but that is just the way it is at the moment. I am hoping we will still be 'stitching and bitching' when all our children are grown and maybe they have their own toddlers running around!!

I did go to another craft group a  month or so ago with a friend who meets with her mothers group and assorted acquaintances for a craft night. I enjoyed seeing what other crafty things people were up to and getting some ideas from others on my own projects. It was nice meeting some new people who had a shared interest. The talk was not all crafty and they all seemed like a nice bunch of ladies. I plan to drop in when I can.

After my Mum died the counsellor I saw recommended I embrace the craftiness in me. Mum was very much a crafty gal and it was/is a nice way of still feeling connected to her. It is also great as a mother as craft can give me a sense of accomplishment. While the washing is a never ending task and the kitchen and the clothes sorting..... craft has an end. When you finish a project it is complete and you have something to show for it. You can hold it in your hand and see what you have accomplished, or see it walk out the door to the school for dress up day.

So I am enjoying making things ... what are you enjoying?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Made it Monday scarf

MiniMe wanted to wear a scarf to school. We are lucky enough to be given lots of great hand me downs - some of which include some Country Road children's scarves. I wasn't sure about these going to school and making it back home again so I rummaged through my tub of wool supplies (I have A LOT of inherited craft supplies from my mother) and found two balls that kind of match her uniform and started knitting.

This was the result.

Probably not what I would have bought but MiniMe loves it and it is nice and soft and will keep her warm on those cold winter mornings.

Now Goofy wants one....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's forecast...

We are heading away this weekend. Most of the families from our church are going. There are going to be lots of people and lots of children. MiniMe and Goofy are very excited. So is U2.

So far I haven't caught the excitement. I look ahead and cant help but see of the potential frustrations and hardships.

I think part of my dreary outlook comes from a dreary week. The weather has quite literally been damp and fairly miserable. But it is more the constant crying from JJ and whinging from the older two that has worn me down. I feel like I am just clinging onto the end of the rope so the idea of a weekend away feels like a lot of energy that I don't have.

But then maybe this weekend if what I need. Maybe it will provide the sunny change that I need to lift the spirits. Maybe it is blue skies and sunshine that awaits me this weekend. Maybe I need to change the forecast in my head to give it a chance.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shopping .... love and hate

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I only have JJ at home during the day. My list of jobs to do at the shop had grown so I thought it was time to venture out yesterday - Medicare etc awaited. Not buying new things this year has meant my outings to shops are very few so I was kind of looking forward to it after a weekend cooped up inside. Me causally wandering around pushing the pram, a bit of window shopping as I went between my places of business.

What was I thinking?! One child at the shops does not make for a peaceful trip when that child is 15 months old and has a sudden aversion to the pram (as I discovered!). The memories of trips to the shops with MiniMe flooded back and I realised I had made a mistake in my plans for the morning.

So what did I decide to do this morning with my 15 month old?

Back to the shops.

I enjoyed the drive to the shops. I went back to my childhood stomping ground and I enjoyed the memories that came back. The scenery by brother and I past as we drove to school, the places we had donuts as a child, shops Mum bought little things for me, the butcher shop were there was a young guy who use to wave at me.... 

I got the things on my list done which felt like an achievement but JJ did not enjoy the experience. Lucky for her I think we are done for awhile now.

The last two days have reminded me that every once in awhile I do like to pursue the shops but only every once in awhile and probably an activity best done without children for now!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Three lessons I learnt this week, the hard way...

Lesson No. 1 - Three year olds will wander.

I was doing some work for the chocolate drive in the school office photocopier and I hadn't seen Goofy for a few minutes. I poked my head out and still couldn't see her. I figured she was in a room next door as JJ was coming in and out and Goofy' cousin. Three head pokes out later and still I didn't see her I decided it was time to investigate further. No where. I went our to the outdoor area and if she had been seen. They had seen a little red head walk out, wave goodbye and keep going (they were in the midst of counting money so didn't think too much about it). The day before I had heard about a potential abduction at a nearby school. Immediate panic arose. I ascertained that she hadn't been with anyone. Slight exhale out. Calling her name across the school yard I made my way back to our car and sure enough there was my little red head casually leaning against the car parked across the road from the school. Tears in the end I race over in relief and anger. Why did she do it? 'I can'. She wanted to go so she went back to the car and can now cross the road by herself she informed me. She really didn't think she had done anything wrong. It took the whole day to convince her it wasn't a good idea!

So I learnt that my three year old is getting independent and while I think she will always say close by it appears I am wrong. She will do what she wants because she can. At least I learnt this lesson when it had a happy ending!

Lesson 2 - Six year olds are only six

MiniMe didn't want a bath tonight. So she stood watch of JJ while I went to get the pyjamas. Just to make sure she didn't face plant in the water. I open the door to find MiniMe warming her sisters in the bath by dangling the electric heater over the bath water! Quick lesson to MiniMe on how water and electricity do not mix and an important lesson for me that MiniMe is only six and hence only has so much wisdom.

Lesson 3 - There is no point being a double checker if are you checking the wrong thing.

I had to go to work in the city this week and got the wrong address and wrong time. I knew I was in Macquarie street so checked my information sheet numerous times but failed to check it was the right Macquarie street seminar location. Fortunately I had planned to be there quite early as I didnt know how long peak hour traffic would take so I had time to relocate! (As an aside - $54 for under three hours of parking!!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mini Me's first school speech.....

My family are at the zoo.
Goofy is a lion because she has red hair.
JJ is a monkey because she clings to Mummy and makes a noise like a monkey.
Daddy is a bear because he is big and strong.
Mummy is a bird, feeding all her chicks.
I am an elephant because I am good at remembering things.
We like being a family.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Made it moday... mermaid tail

Goofy had a mermaid party to attend on the weekend and our mermaid dress up was way too big so I came up with this number. She wanted to be Ariel as she already had the red hair!

I am so appreciative of all those crafty people out there who put detailed tutorials out there for the rest of us to enjoy.

This one can be found her-.