Friday, June 10, 2011

Three lessons I learnt this week, the hard way...

Lesson No. 1 - Three year olds will wander.

I was doing some work for the chocolate drive in the school office photocopier and I hadn't seen Goofy for a few minutes. I poked my head out and still couldn't see her. I figured she was in a room next door as JJ was coming in and out and Goofy' cousin. Three head pokes out later and still I didn't see her I decided it was time to investigate further. No where. I went our to the outdoor area and if she had been seen. They had seen a little red head walk out, wave goodbye and keep going (they were in the midst of counting money so didn't think too much about it). The day before I had heard about a potential abduction at a nearby school. Immediate panic arose. I ascertained that she hadn't been with anyone. Slight exhale out. Calling her name across the school yard I made my way back to our car and sure enough there was my little red head casually leaning against the car parked across the road from the school. Tears in the end I race over in relief and anger. Why did she do it? 'I can'. She wanted to go so she went back to the car and can now cross the road by herself she informed me. She really didn't think she had done anything wrong. It took the whole day to convince her it wasn't a good idea!

So I learnt that my three year old is getting independent and while I think she will always say close by it appears I am wrong. She will do what she wants because she can. At least I learnt this lesson when it had a happy ending!

Lesson 2 - Six year olds are only six

MiniMe didn't want a bath tonight. So she stood watch of JJ while I went to get the pyjamas. Just to make sure she didn't face plant in the water. I open the door to find MiniMe warming her sisters in the bath by dangling the electric heater over the bath water! Quick lesson to MiniMe on how water and electricity do not mix and an important lesson for me that MiniMe is only six and hence only has so much wisdom.

Lesson 3 - There is no point being a double checker if are you checking the wrong thing.

I had to go to work in the city this week and got the wrong address and wrong time. I knew I was in Macquarie street so checked my information sheet numerous times but failed to check it was the right Macquarie street seminar location. Fortunately I had planned to be there quite early as I didnt know how long peak hour traffic would take so I had time to relocate! (As an aside - $54 for under three hours of parking!!)

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  1. My goodness! What a week you have had. I think they are called 'near misses' but geez, your heart would have clocked up a few extra beats this week! x