Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's forecast...

We are heading away this weekend. Most of the families from our church are going. There are going to be lots of people and lots of children. MiniMe and Goofy are very excited. So is U2.

So far I haven't caught the excitement. I look ahead and cant help but see of the potential frustrations and hardships.

I think part of my dreary outlook comes from a dreary week. The weather has quite literally been damp and fairly miserable. But it is more the constant crying from JJ and whinging from the older two that has worn me down. I feel like I am just clinging onto the end of the rope so the idea of a weekend away feels like a lot of energy that I don't have.

But then maybe this weekend if what I need. Maybe it will provide the sunny change that I need to lift the spirits. Maybe it is blue skies and sunshine that awaits me this weekend. Maybe I need to change the forecast in my head to give it a chance.

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