Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shopping .... love and hate

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I only have JJ at home during the day. My list of jobs to do at the shop had grown so I thought it was time to venture out yesterday - Medicare etc awaited. Not buying new things this year has meant my outings to shops are very few so I was kind of looking forward to it after a weekend cooped up inside. Me causally wandering around pushing the pram, a bit of window shopping as I went between my places of business.

What was I thinking?! One child at the shops does not make for a peaceful trip when that child is 15 months old and has a sudden aversion to the pram (as I discovered!). The memories of trips to the shops with MiniMe flooded back and I realised I had made a mistake in my plans for the morning.

So what did I decide to do this morning with my 15 month old?

Back to the shops.

I enjoyed the drive to the shops. I went back to my childhood stomping ground and I enjoyed the memories that came back. The scenery by brother and I past as we drove to school, the places we had donuts as a child, shops Mum bought little things for me, the butcher shop were there was a young guy who use to wave at me.... 

I got the things on my list done which felt like an achievement but JJ did not enjoy the experience. Lucky for her I think we are done for awhile now.

The last two days have reminded me that every once in awhile I do like to pursue the shops but only every once in awhile and probably an activity best done without children for now!

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  1. Glad the buy nothing new thing is still going strong. Shopping with any child is hard work before they can walk and show some interest. I wish you well my friend! x