Monday, June 20, 2011

Made it Monday scarf

MiniMe wanted to wear a scarf to school. We are lucky enough to be given lots of great hand me downs - some of which include some Country Road children's scarves. I wasn't sure about these going to school and making it back home again so I rummaged through my tub of wool supplies (I have A LOT of inherited craft supplies from my mother) and found two balls that kind of match her uniform and started knitting.

This was the result.

Probably not what I would have bought but MiniMe loves it and it is nice and soft and will keep her warm on those cold winter mornings.

Now Goofy wants one....


  1. Ahhh, you started knitting on the spot?! I am impressed. I don't knit, but yesterday I visited The Margaret River Wool Company and they had one of those little stitch and bitch sessions going (I think that is what they call them?). I ended up buying a little beanie that one of the ladies had just finished for my youngest. It looked so nice, all chatting and knitting over cups of tea, keeping out of the cold weather we are having. Gill xo

  2. Good for you! It looks fab. I started a scarf back in 'nam...