Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Growing up...

A week or two before her first birthday JJ came into greet me one morning and didn't automatically demand to be feed so I let it slide and she was happy without it. So there went the morning feed, leaving only our evening cuddle remaining. I knew this too was numbered. Last night she bite me numerous times in a row on one side and then howled in anger on the other. Milk in cup and she was happy. My breastfeeding days are over.

On the whole I am ok with that. I knew it was coming. It would have been nice to know that two nights ago was the last time but I am glad she weaned herself. She was ready, even if I might not have been!

It was strange this morning to search through the drawer for a bra that didn't have clips on it and had wire! The breast pump is on ebay. I am pensively taking my steps into the next stage of our family's life. No more little babies.

As with all change there are the things you will miss about the old way. The smallness of babies, the way they fit in your arms completely, that they don't move or talk back or argue about what they are wearing. They are so very cute. But I look forward to being able to do different things as a family. Things that are difficult when you have baby who cant join in, when you are tired.

I feel that last night our family grew up a little. I wonder what we will be when we are grown up.


  1. The Return of the Boobs is always exciting with a hint of tragedy. I got over the tragedy bit quick smart!! x