Friday, April 1, 2011

The search for the Mighty Beanz....

A boy at school let MiniMe take a Mighty Beanz home overnight. She lost it before going to school in the morning. We have moved all the couches, unpacked toys but alas no Mighty Beanz.

I am still hopeful it will turn up in the next couple days and I have spoken to the mother of the boy and said we are on the search.

But what happens if we don't find it? I want to replace it but how does this work with buying nothing new for a year! I think this would have to be an exception - it isn't this little boy's fault that he was kind enough to foster out a mighty beanz so why should he have to miss out.

Given how popular they are at MiniMe's school I am secretly hoping that she will get some for her birthday and then I can just replace from her own collection (someone has already mentioned that they might be getting her this so this is not a subtle way of asking for some!!). Boy gets a beanz and MiniMe learns that has be to more careful with other people's things. Good solution.

As an aside, I really dont get the attraction to these crazy little pieces of plastic but then I am not five years old!!

She also got bandage bear from a friend for an over night stay and that could not be found this morning! So I have now said no more toy sleep overs until all lost items are found. It is enough to keep track of our own things, I am not up for the added responsibility of others toys too!! Think we will have to steer clear from children sleeping over too just in case they get misplaced!!

What friend's toys has your child lost? What was your response?


  1. You've had a mini-makeover since I was last here. I love the blue.

    Please don't mention lost toys and the unending search for them. I can't stand it. x

  2. We have some and could slip you some if you are still stuck? I have a rule about toy 'sleep overs' as you so cutely put it. Absolutely no toy sharing (except with the cousins who it doesn't matter as much if you trash/lose something!)

  3. Found it! Only took a week...