Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flying under the radar....

MiniMe talks and talks and I try and listen most of the time so she gets my attention.

JJ clings and whines and puts everything in her mouth so she gets a lot of my attention.

Goofy quietly muddles through the day quite content so she often misses out on her quota of attention, flying under my radar. Things right in front of my face or the things I am tripping over taking my attention instead.

Yesterday afternoon she was wailing from the cubby in the garden. I left my washing up and went to investigate thinking she must have hurt herself or that her big sister had taken over her toy. But it was just her, by herself, tears streaming down her face. The problem?

'No one is playing with me.'

Goofy had flown into the radar and set off the alarm bells. The washing up can wait.

Do you have a child who flys low? Are they the middle child? What strategies do you have?


  1. oh no - the poor thing

    I don't have a middle child, but it always brakes my heart at playgroup whenever a particularly child is going under the radar..

    Gill xo

  2. It is so easy to do - the squeaky wheels get all the attention. I do it to Doo Dah too and really need to watch myself and give him some positive attention. Poor old Goofy x