Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In the life of MiniMe ....

A lot has been happening in the life of MiniMe.

She has flown through her first term of school.
She was under the impression that after the holidays she moved onto Year 1, school would just fly by then!

She has toddled into the world of reading and writing.

She has started soccer.
We found a team for her last minute and she played her first game on the weekend. I had told her that her Uncle had taken many years to score his first goal and so it might not happen in the first game. Not sure how long U2 wanted to wait to see a goal though! Thankfully she got one and all were very excited. She had a great time and seems to have football fever.

She has made new friends.
When I told her that she wouldn't know anyone at soccer, her response, 'That's OK Mummy, I will just make new friends like I did at school'!

She had her first school dance - a silver and white disco!
She boogied the late afternoon away!

She tried rock climbing and was a little monkey.

She had a birthday.

She has enjoyed life.

She has made us very proud.


  1. a lot of things to be proud of there

    soccer, hey? sounds like so much fun

    congrats on finishing the first term!

    Gill xo

  2. Aah! She is growing up! I didn't know about the soccer team - that is awesome (you are a soccer Mum!) x