Friday, April 22, 2011

I am older than yesterday....

Thats what you get when you let your heart win.
Many big things are happening in our household this long weekend..JJ is turning into a real toddler where waking becomes preferable to crawling, we are going away with my family to a lovely beach house, we are celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Easter bunny may stop by for the first time...and it is my birthday.

As I approach my birthday I have come to the realisation that I now seen as an 'old person'.

My sixteen year old cousin recently moved to Australia and I had dreams of us becoming bosom buddies, Anne of green gables style. But it has now dawned on my that in the eyes of a sixteen year old I am old. I am in the same league as her mother, not her peers. And if when I was sixteen I would have thought the same thing. In my mind I have only just left school but the reality if that school days are far behind and I a have moved into the 'soccer mum' stage of life.

While the years between me and a sixteen year old are not huge, what has happened in our lives is. I have found that as get older it is the experiences that I share with others that is what binds us rather than the digits we are. One of my closest friends is someone who, had we meet at school we would not have been friends, mainly because she is older than me. But having gone through our first parenting years together that gap in our ages does not seem to matter. I look up to her but that is to do with the person she is rather than the age she is (although maybe her extra years contributes to the strength of character I admire?).

Maybe this is why I don't get as excited about my own birthday as I use to. Age seems to become less relevant as I older. That is not to say I am not looking forward to spending the day with all my family and having a slice of birthday cake!!

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  1. Oh! This dear friend has failed to remember your birthday! Bad!!!! You know me? Lucky to know what day it is at any point in time. I hope your cake was sweet (and made by someone else!). Will have to celebrate in the upcoming weeks - perhaps a movie date after soccer?? xx

    PS If you are old, what does that make me? No. Don't answer that!