Monday, September 19, 2011

Made it monday .... disco chickens

There is a reason for my silence recently. I have been busy sewing.  First I made 20 of these chicken heads for MiniMe's class to wear to a small concert they are having at school. I had bought this brown fabric for a 70s night to use as tablecloths but didn't use it so was wondering what I would do with so I am pleased it found a use!

Then MiniMe had a school disco and so I used some left overs from the disco dress I had made for myself to make something for her from one of Mum's old patterns. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my first adults piece of clothing I had made - a sparkly number for the school fundraiser night that had a disco theme.

There was also a Silky (from the Faraway tree) costume made for book week.

Throw is a dose of the flu and that explains were I have been!


  1. You know that you had me at "Sewing". Because I have envy of anyone who can make anything on it!

    That is the cutest chicken and sweet little party dress. Ready for the disco!!


  2. You are so clever, the chicken is fab! I really think you should open an online handmade children's costume shop. You would do so well. x

  3. I read this post on my i-phone the other day and thought "so she has been making chickens. As you do!". You are so clever. I bet you were popular with ALL the other class Mums. Thanks for Rewinding x