Friday, September 2, 2011

Missing socks...

I have a basket full of odd socks. I do not understand where they go. Two come off the feet but one comes off the line.

A frustrating mundane mystery.

Our linen cupboard feel apart this week so I had to reorganise it and part of the mystery was solved.

The winter sheets that I put in the dryer as it had been raining for weeks contained two of the sort after socks in the recesses of the elastic corners.

There are many more in hiding but it was satisfying to see two pairs reunited.

Were else could the lost socks be hiding?


  1. I've got so many odd socks it's not even funny anymore. How does it work, you put pairs in the washing machine and only odd ones come out...Although the other day I saw husband wearing one yellow and one blue sock. Maybe they go in as odd ones in the first place. True mystery.

  2. I have so many I have shoved them in a bag in the hope they don't sit there making me feel like a terrible housekeeper (which I am!)
    We sometimes find them in pillowslips or doona covers too but I am convinced the washing machine eats them (or our neighbours are stranger than I thought)