Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Poo wee bommy

So we find ourselves in the midst of toilet training once again and once again I feel at a complete lost and an incompetent mother. I ever thankful that this is the last time we will undertake this task and that I have the knowledge that JJ will not be defecating her pants at 18 years of age, she will learn. Slowly but surely. But for now our world seems to revolve around poos, wees and bommys (JJ's word for her bottom).

We are at the stage that she knows how to go and when she needs to, she just chooses not to if it doesn't suit her. She is not phased by wet pants...or worse.

I am wishing we had waited till the summer till she was closer to three but she did so well for the first few weeks that I thought we were home and hosed. Now I am home and using the hose on her!

I even sent in for the Huggies pull up toilet training guide in desperation. I got a bit bamboozled by the chart they sent so didn't get too much further with it. It is in my reading pile. Any other suggestions for struggling toilet trainers and their mothers?

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  1. Sounds like she's just not interested! Give it a rest till summer? L was back and forth like that, very tiring ...

    And then, in ten years, a,ong comes puberty .... And once again you spend inordinate amounts of time in the laundry cleaning up messes.