Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shhhh...I am having a DC

When I was in the midst of exhaustion from having a newborn I would sometimes treat myself to a Diet Coke. Whenever I did this MIL would arrive unexpectantly and I would feel I needed to explain my choice of beverage. She has long told me the evils of DC and plain old regular coke so I felt like a naughty kid being caught.

And I do agree that it isn't great for me. I have had other people tell me that I am killing myself with ever sip. And Mum drank it for years and years so many there is some truth in it or maybe there isn't. So I think moderation is the key, link most food. I enjoy and feel a better about not having 8 tablespoons of sugar.

The one 24 pack has lasted me two and a half years so as you can see it is not a regular habit. But this week I decided to buy another pack just in case the urge for a DC hit came again. I was going to MIL's after the shopping and had a sudden anxiety about being caught with the illegal substance in the boot so I hid it in a blue supermarket freezer bag until I could get my stash home and hid it in the cellar.

But has made me think I should have a more educated opinion about my beloved DC. But were should I start? Any DC lovers or haters out there that can guide me on my quest?


  1. Your MIL makes claims that many things are bad for you. From diet drinks to white bread. This is coming from a person who gave me a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch, a jam donut for recess most days (or chips), two minute noodles for afternoon tea very frequently and white bread. By her logic, she should be in prison for attempted murder and child abuse. I still love her dearly!

  2. I remember once reading that Diet drinks actually make people hungrier so they put on weight! But obviously that hasn't happened in your case! I don't think one case over a few years is something to be concerned about?