Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting my tile on...

It all began when JJ dropped one of my friends grandma's favourite plate - 'Moasic!' I said and so a new project was started. We have been getting together over the last few weeks and being taught how to get our tiles on.

I found this table on Gumtree and then purchased some plates from an op-shop and then therapeuticly smashed them!!

Now at least when JJ breaks our bowls, mugs etc I have a use for them!!


  1. Cool! My sister in law does similar mosaics inside birdbaths, on garden steps and tabletops. Yours looks great.
    I once smashed plates but never got around to making a mosaic!

  2. Oh yay...that design is so cool. I love it. Have just discovered Bib has a HUGE love of this art (seems to be everywhere in melbourne) so I said when we get back we may head to kimbriki or reverse garbage to see what we can find to do our own......expect a phone call lol
    Can we play soon??