Monday, July 23, 2012

7 years....

This time seven years ago I was holding my mother's hand and telling her all the plans I had for the future. What my future children would be called. That they would know who she was even though she would not physically be there. That I would miss her. A few hours later my brother would walk into her hospital to join my father and I by her bedside and she would take her last breath.

The grief has dulled. I still miss her but it is now my 'normal'. It no longer feels as alien not to see her.

Today is a good reminder to be thankful for the hope of heaven. That one day we will all be together as a family again. That she will meet all her grandchildren and there will be much rejoicing.



  1. Oh Rob, such a big day. She would be so amazingly proud and you know she's watching xx big hugs

  2. A tough day. My thoughts are with you and a great big virtual hug to you and yours. I concur with AN32. She would be immensely proud x