Friday, June 15, 2012


This morning Goofy was not happy with me. She wanted porridge from the small packet and I said to wait until we knew if Daddy was having porridge. She opened it anyway. She was having this porridge.

No Porridge then Goofy.

And the tears did flow. The wailing began.

You can go to your room to make that noise if you  like.

She was quiet and sidled up to U2, opinion shopping and ignoring me in the process.

Still no porridge, and so it began again.

Eventually she gave up and was quiet. She calming came to me and asked politely if she could have porridge.

What to do? Stick to my guns about the no porridge to teach that you don't get what you want by acting like a pork chop or teach that if you use your manners and act calmly you get a much better response and maybe even what you were after.

I went for the latter, partly as I didn't want world war three again and because I think she had learnt something. So porridge was made.

Then I hear ....

Mummy, I don't want any more porridge.

I turn and look at her, Pardon? She looks genuinely cranky.

Then a smile cracks.

Because I have eaten it all.

Ah, Goofy, you make me laugh and cry!!


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  2. I reckon that beats my response to her opinion shopping.

    Goofy: Can I have some porridge?
    Me: You would like porridge after mummy said no?Of course you can... Not. (cue further pork chop behaviour)