Wednesday, June 6, 2012

School project ... the MiniMe express

First of all I am very excited to have figured out how to get photos back on my blog!! Yipee!

MiniMe was given a project for this term to fit in with their topic of how toys are made, it was to make a boat. Definitely seemed to require parent help and from most of the Mums at school, a project for Dad to help with. This is what MiniMe and U2 came up with - the MiniMe express. Complete with propeller propulsion! A few weeks later we saw the same design of boat for sale in a toy shop for $10 - maybe they should go into business!?!

To fit in with the topic, our friend who designs toys came in to talk to Jessica's grade about the toys he has made, Sleep monkeys. Check them out! They now have a homework project to invent a new toy and let him know about it and he will give them a commission for the idea!! Got a good idea I can pass on?!

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