Saturday, May 26, 2012

I gave myself a small pat on the back this week.

We have not had rain for weeks. I have been washing almost every day to make use of the sunshine. The memory of the month of rain still lurking in the recesses of my mind so I keep up to date in case it returned.

It did. With a mighty downpour.

Well done me, I thought. I got my last load of washing off the line before the rain came.

I went past the washing line the day after the rain cleared. What did I discover under the line?

A full washing basket of 'dry' laundry.



  1. Bummer! That is the sort of thing I specialise in :-) x

  2. We can't be good at everything! Least you got the washing done in the first place, your one up on me!!

  3. I would do that! So unfair! At least the sun came back and brought a little drying wind with it. x