Thursday, May 31, 2012

No TV for a week...

When the TV is on our girls are like their father watching the rugby - they are in the zone, the rest of the world disappears, you can have whole conversations that are not remembered.

Last weekend, when telling MiniMe for the 100th time to put her Netta uniform on and nothing was happening I declared that the following week would be one without TV. JJ was allowed to watch when they were at school (for my sanity) but other than that it was gone.

I thought we would have screams, fights but they have accepted their lot for the week.

We have had a couple of friends for plays in the afternoon which has helped distract but last night at the in-laws for dinner the TV went on so we could have dinner in peace. I thought the girls would be hooked back in but they happily went downstairs and played with their cousins.

And today, Goofy is home and has only requested the TV once but now is very involved in a make believe game with JJ. They have a house in the toy room, they are going on picnics and other excursions around the house.

They are happy.

I am contemplating making TV a permanent exclusion from our weekdays. They (and I) have managed fine without it.

Is can only be good for them right?


  1. I go back and forth with our daughter on if TV is allowed on weeknights. I think I'm OK with it if we are watching a show together as a family. I can't stand when she watches too much TV either.

  2. We tend to use our TV as a bribe these days. Be good and you may be able to watch something....hence the TV rarely gets turned on of late!!!! I'm always amazed at how the just 'play' and 'explore' when its not even an option.

  3. i love this post! We have been TV free in our house going on about three and a half years. I just hated the drone and the really to be honest, my kids were hopeless at watching...they would just float in and out watching five minutes here and there. So for me it was a great decision. They watch zero commercial tv and about one dvd a week! It's so peaceful and yours i love watching them what to play next xx