Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cake stall....

I attended the preschool AGM at the beginning of the year and I thought it would be a good idea to help out with something to get to know people at the preschool as I failed miserably to do this when MiniMe was there.

How hard could it be to organise the cake stall for the fun day I thought, so I put my hand up.

Finding other food stall proved difficult but we finally have a coffee van and a fairy floss machine. Now I need to get baked goods for the cake stall.

I have never purchased anything from a cake stall and am not sure what I would buy if I were too.

So my questions are: -
What have you bought?
What would you buy?
How much would you pay?


  1. Why hello there! I haven't been to vist you for ages.

    I purchase anything and everything from cake stalls. Home baked goods I don't have to bake - I'm there!

    You can't go wrong with any kind of cupcakes. Put some in boxed 6/12 sets for certain price and have others to sell as individuals for child-whinging-off-switch.

    Then focus on chocolate cakes, orange and poppyseed cakes and carrot cakes. 'The Cheesecake Shop' report that they sell 5x more of these types of cakes than any other.

    Also, as something fun, have you heard of cake pops? Google! They are great fun and soooo easy. The stay fresh longer so you can make them further in advance of the cake stall too. x

  2. My suggestions would be, keep it cheap (50c to $1 each) and keep it simple (toffees, cupcakes). Good job in offering to help out.

  3. As above, but don't forget biscuits. I love a home-made choc-chipped cookie! As it is tomorrow, you may need to remember this for next year x