Monday, May 23, 2011

A good week...

Nutella returned to our house - another good thing!!
It started last week with a win at soccer on Tuesday night. Our soccer team has never won a game and we won against the undefeated team, the Crazy Pixies I think they are called! Still looking for a name for our team if you have any ideas?

To celebrate we went for a drink at the pub and then went a saw a movie - on a school night and everything!! The movie had been planned for awhile as a birthday present from my friend but it all worked very nicely. I think the last time the four of us had been to the movies was probably a babes in arm showing. We saw Water for Elephants which I thought was excellent and beautiful.

Wednesday I took my MIL and SIL to Burnt Orange for their birthdays (didn't buy anything new!) and it was a gorgeous autumn day with great food and great company.

Friday MIL kindly looked after JJ so that I could take Goofy to gymnastics and actually interact with her. I then took her to lunch and we did some shopping together. We both had lots of fun, just the two of us.

Saturday saw friends from Brisbane at our place for lunch with some of the old gang. Birthday party for our godson were I unexpectedly got to catch up with an old friend that has been on my mind of late.Then a roast lamb dinner at the in-laws. All very good.

Sunday after church we had a kindergarten picnic in the glorious sunshine with new friends.

Sunday night you may have seen disco lights out on our street from the impromptu family disco. The girls eyes sparkled with joy. Priceless.

Today was a quiet day. Bit of tidying up, ordered some patterns from USA which is exciting. Chicken pie with SIL and her kids tonight. Offspring to look forward to with the American chocolate that SIL left for me.

Life is busy but all good.


  1. You won? You won! Yippeeee!!! x

  2. Sounds like a great week. Dang - I forgot Offspring. Have to catch up online!