Friday, July 29, 2011

Fruit and Veg...

So for a few years we travelled out to the markets, bought boxes of fruit and veg, divided them up in to 12 boxes for 12 families and then delivered them in localish areas. We did this once every 3 months. The other weeks another family made the journey. For $10 a week we got a box delivered to our door.

Saturday sport entered our lives and I was the co-ordinater and both were making it tricky to be part of the group any more. Especially as I  was needed to top up each week anyway with more fruit.

Enter Harvest Hub.

A mum from school would bring the large blue cooler bag to school for me, full of my fruit and veg. For $30 a week I get everything I need and it is all fresh, local produce. And we get to say 5 things we never want to see if our bag - no more green capsicums for us! Easy.

But she is moving in couple of months so arrangements has to change.

I decided to become a 'hubster'. In return for the fruit and veg for my area being delivered to my house, me dividing it into the cooler bag and people collecting it from me (max 12), I get free fruit and veg.

Sounding pretty good! Will see how it goes.

About to go and walk to the streets to see if I can find some members to get it all started....

Visit - for more information.

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