Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Something is not working...

I am on the edge. Goofy and JJ have both been serenading me with that high pitched demanding cry for
 what seems like weeks now. I got to the point today where I jovially told Goofy my head was going to explode and what did she think that was going to look like. She smiled.

I feel like I am missing something. Something has changed in our house and it has caused a domino effect of sadness and crankiness. I just wish I knew what had made that first domino fall so that I could go back.

JJ has suddenly become difficult to go to bed at day and night - teeth, separation anxiety, developmental changes? Goofy cries at the drop of a hat - the prerogative of an almost four year old? MiniMe is grumpy and at times is showing quite an attitude - mid year kindy crankiness? Mummy's reserves are running low.

We went to the park today and I don't feel like I had a single conversation. Between Goofy crying because she wanted to go home (and then crying because she wanted to stay!) and JJ wanting to be carried or crying because she had fallen over I wondered why I had gone out.

Now I realise I am probably sounding like my children. If I was saying this out loud I would also sound cranky, sad and annoying. Maybe this is where the problem lies. I think I need some better strategies up my sleeves to deal with life when the crankiness of others is hitting me on the head like a toddler who wants a biscuit from the pantry. I need another strategy - because hitting back ain't working! (and I mean that figuratively not literally!!).

How do you over come those tougher parenting periods in life?

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  1. Oh hun, I can totally relate... I think as Mums we all go through these stages. We feel so alone and so helpless... but your not alone and you certainly not sounding annoying!
    I wish I could tell you what it is that changes these difficult times for my family and I, but I honestly don't know. It is just as if the scales somehow balance themselves back out and we enjoy it all again until the scales are somehow tipped out of whack again.
    Hugs and love to you all and I hope your home finds it's peace, happiness and swing again xo