Monday, January 23, 2012

A monumental weekend...

This weekend looked like nothing spectacular on paper and probably if you had asked me this morning how it had been I would have given the standard reply, 'Good, and yours?'. But the more I have considered that 48hrs that separated Friday through to today I have realised is was a monumental weekend.

Is started in a fairly usual way. U2 went for a bike ride and I stayed at home and did some general tidying up. I walked past the stairs that leads to the toy room/laundr /garage/junk room and glanced at JJ confidently walking down. The gate that has blocked the stairs to prevent MiniMe, Goofy and JJ from falling down in their toddler years had been left open, as I realised is its general state now. There will be no more toddlers to follow after JJ so the gate can now be retire. So I took it down. It is so strange to walk through this wide opening and not have to navigate the wide steel door. We have moved on. The baby years are getting further behind us.

We had a lovely dinner with one of the families from MiniMe's school. The girls all played very quietly and calming with their friends all evening (until we left and then they had a crazy high-pitched scream around the front yard!). There was a little glimpse of what socialising in the future might be like - civilised!

The baptism cake

Sunday we went to our new church again (not sure when it will stop being 'the new church') and I met a couple of really nice mums which is making me feel better about our change. We all hit it off and there was a hint at what the future might be like when these relationships develop.

On Sunday evening my two lovely nieces were baptised down at the beach, one of which we are godparents for. It was beautiful down there and special making the promises to help encourage her in her faith as the water lapped at our feet. They both hold a very special place in my heart, I love being their aunt.

YTT returned!! I loved Young Talent Time as a child. It was my favourite show, I would wait impatiently for it each week. And now I get to share it with my girls. I watched part of it today with MiniMe and two of her friends and it made me smile to hear them talk about who their favourite member was just like I use to.

So on the surface I did some tidying up, went to dinner, church and the beach and then watched TV this weekend but it really was quite a special weekend.

What were you doing this weekend?


  1. Aha! The demise of your gate and subsequent tossing of it can count towards your decluttering target. Another joy for the weekend! Glad the Christening went well. Sounds lovely x

  2. Yey for no more toddler gate! Lovely photos from the baptism, really wanted to be there but all too much for us all that day ... so lovely to see that the sun was shining, sweet photo of A.