Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here it is...

2011 ended with break neck speed for our household. With the first year of kindergarten coming to an end, the preschool chapter ending for Goofy, JJ cheekily running amuck, Christmas festivities and a three week adventure to South Africa to pack and plan for it was all systems go, go, go. 2012 seemed something far in the distance.

But here it is.

I have given thought to what the year holds for the youngest members of our family. MiniMe enters the first grade and I pray that she has her buddies with her. There were some really lovely girls she made friends with who had equally lovely mothers. Friendships I would like to develop for all of us. Goofy is going a prep program at a local school - not quite preschool but not quite school. She will love the 'school work' but I am anxious for her socially. She is a quieter child and has a special friendship with her cousin who was at preschool with her but is not able to go to prep. I pray she settles into her new environment. JJ is about to about to turn two - need I say more! Pray for us! U2 will be powering on with his business, checking how much the stock market is up or down on his iPhone, helping steer our new church, riding his bike, continuing to be a good husband and father but what will I be doing? What do I want to be doing?

The buy nothing new challenge for 2011 was a great one. I learnt alot about how and why I shop, what you can reuse, recycle, what you can save in both money and time and how to be more crafty. (Officially we were meant to end February 1 but to be honest I think we ended when we stepped on the plane.) So I am looking for a new challenge.

What are you doing to make 2012 different to 2011?


  1. Welcome back! This year is going at pace for us already. Hopefully you'll settle back in quickly!
    I've committed to a few things this year, biggest ones being local/organic food as much as possible, all gifts will be homemade, am doing 'a photo a day' challenge and getting into shape for the Oxfam 100k walk! (guess who with!)

  2. This will be a big year for us, trying to continue working on goals and making things happen. I had my cosmetic surgery done and I'm excited to get back to exercising. Right now we're doing a challenge in our house to eat out of our freezer and pantry as much as possible. Just buying some fresh veggies, milk, eggs and basics. DH is the worst about buying stuff, putting it in the freezer and then never getting around to using it. He actually made the statement that this year nothing in the freezer should celebrate birthdays! LOL!