Friday, January 20, 2012

So i have been giving my challenges for 2012 a bit of thought and was sharing my thoughts with a wise friend who has helped in giving them legs.

The first is that I want to remove the piles from our house. I am a pile maker. I tidy one room by removing all objects that do not belong there and putting them in a pile in the room that they should go. The piles grow and grow as it takes me forever to get to the room to actually put them away. So I am going to put things away straight away and to help this I am going to reduce the number of things that need to be put away!

So I am going to join the bandwagon of getting rid of 2012 things in 2012!

In the last two weeks I think I would have sent at least 125 items out the door. To friends, to our new church creche, to the local charity shop and to the bin.

About 20 soft toys, 50 items for the 'dont-know-what-to-do-with-it-or-or-what-it-belongs-to' boxes (yes boxes, plural!), 20 items of clothes, 5 bags and 30 toys have all  been nudged along, encouraged to leave the place they have unnecessarily inhabited for so long.

I have printed off the declutter calender and am ready to go. I will need to catch up on the weeks I missed but I am up for the challenge. I have even printed off a second copy of the calender in the hope I will find a friend to join me in my quest! I am always better when I do things with someone else.

What are you thoughts on 2012 in 2012? Would you consider joining me?


  1. wow.....that sounds like alot of culling!!
    We not long ago did a big cull (not that I wouldn't find more!) but I think I'll watch and support you this time round!! Good luck!!

  2. I love that you call me wise. Is that a synonym of 'old'? lol. Love the declutter calendar. I hope I can have your spare? You will rock this! x