Wednesday, February 1, 2012

476 things...

Today the 'buy nothing new for a year' officially ended and I am right into my new challenge for 2012. Getting rid of 2012 things in 2012.

The tally for January is 476 unneeded, unnecessary things have been shown the door!

The main contributor to the tally were the kids toy kitchen - we had 90 excess plastic cooking utensils!! The other biggies were the bathroom drawers and the garage/workshop which have both had an overhaul.

I think it will get harder as the year progresses but I am fighting my hoarding gene with all my strength at the moment and it is paying off!


  1. Well done!! Hint: I found our kitchen cupboards were loaded with goodies ready for the heave ho!!

  2. Too exciting! You won't know yourself! x

  3. That seems massive! Hope you get there. x