Friday, February 17, 2012

'No junk mail'

Last week I did a letterbox drop inviting people to our church's opening celebration. It was nice to get out and enjoy the evening outdoors in a brief pause of the rain.

We were given instructions not to put notes in the letterboxes that asked for no junk mail. So I became very aware of the number of boxes that did not wish to receive unaddressed mail.

I soon learnt that on steep driveways it was best to first peer up for the little rectangular message so that I did not use my calves in vain. And was most disappointed when I got up there and found that some had been obscured from view (community announcement - please make your letterbox signs clear for the poor people doing the walk around!)

I appreciate now the junk mail we do get, the people who make the effort to walk up and down our very short but steep street to deliver their bits of information. I appreciate them delivering it but still don't read it. Most of it ends up going from the letterbox to the recycling bin outside straight away. It avoids the temptation to find something I need to go and get.

So I had thought I should put my own 'No junk mail' sign up but now I feel for those people who come down out street as if they have come down they must go back up and I don't want them climbing up the hill feeling their trip was in vain. Let them feel that mine was the letterbox that made all the difference, I am the one that will make many purchases from their catalogue. Maybe instead I should have a sign - 'Thank you for the junk mail'.


  1. I felt the same way when I did a letterbox drop last week! And I almost felt like screaming 'but this is not junk!'. If you refuse junk mail, you refuse the good with the bad...

  2. I had the urge to put it in some letterboxes as I didnt think it was junk but to them it may well be! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I put a No Junk Mail sign on my letterbox a few years ago and life improved from that moment. No more girls drooling over the toy and clothes catalogues and wanting more, newer trips to the recycling bin ... Some people still deliver junk mail to us though ... And now that we are painting our sign is off the letterbox and we are getting junk mail again, once again the girls are drooling over it all ... Looking forward to putting a new sign on.
    But I can see your point about you being at the bottom of the hill! We had quite a different problem, because we live on a corner we were often delivered two of everything, one for each street!