Monday, February 27, 2012

Made it monday .... bread

More than 10 years ago I was given a bread maker. I went on holidays and learnt about choc chip bread and loved it (my waist did not, still trying to recover from that trip!!). So my parents gave me a bread maker to indulge my taste buds (although not help the waist line!!).

As with all new gadgets the excitement wore off and every now and again the bread maker comes out for a spell but then it sits idle in the cupboard taking up a lot of pantry space. Over the last year - since the pizza maker entered out lives - it has been mainly used for making home made pizza dough which is fantasitc.

Last week though I ventured back into loaves. I have made a pumpkin/cumin bread and a sun-dried tomato bread. There is something so nice about the smell, taste and texture of fresh bread. I am really enjoying it (and hoping I will have more self control so that my waist will too this time!).

Today I am going to try raison bread for the children's afternoon tea. Do you have any good bread maker recipes to share?


  1. Oh I hear you! We love apricot and strawberry jam bread (Bib made it up and we love it) and a few other fav's are olive, and onion,bacon and cheese.
    I actually have done away with the maker and just gone back to doing it by hand......I think it tastes better. Love the sound of pumpkin/cumin though....any left!

  2. None, but I really really want a bread maker!! x