Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baking a birthday cake etiquette...

I like to bake and I like baking for other people. I also like birthdays. So baking a cake for someone else's birthday is a joy for me.

Two of my niece's have had their birthdays in the last week and I have made a cake for both. This was the first one. Unfortunately it was on one of those really hot days and so the icing didn't go tot plan so we had to change the colour scheme a bit! Today's was a butterfly. Myself and the girls had a great time making both.

I understand that baking is not everyone's thing and I by no means think my cakes are masterpieces but if offering to make a cake for another child's birthday should you just keep it simple? Cake with lollies on top.

When I made a cake for a friends child, she commented that it was hard to compete with the cake I made which was obviously never my intention. I just wanted to do something nice for her daugther. In hindsight I should have checked that it was ok and what other plans she had for her birthday. (It was a chocolate cake with meringue petals on it). I did tell SIL that I was making the princess cake and asked if she wanted to keep it simpler. Todays was a surprise as I knew she wasn't having other cake today. It was part of my gift to my lovely little niece who turns one today!

As a child I use to spend hours pouring over the Woman's weekly cake book deciding on a cake and then magically Mum would make it all come together. The cake was a big part of your birthday. I loved it and it was one way that Mum showed her love for us and that we were special to her. I guess I am just trying to carry that on....

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