Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tiny Tots Tuesday.. I heard you...

It is time to adapt, to change, to work out how to live in this new environment I find myself in.

MiniMe now hears all and understands much.

No longer can U2 and I have conversations at the dinner table and not have MiniMe giving her two cents worth or ask lots of questions about topics that I thought she had no interest in, things I thought she tuned out to and got lost in her own daydreams instead.

Now I must be careful what I say to friends in front of her. I was talking to SIL. The kidlets were all sitting at the table a couple of metres away happily eating snow cones when MiniMe chirps up - "I can hear you!". Later I had to ascertain what in fact she had heard. While my conversation was innocent had the story been retold inaccurately it might not have appeared so.

My phone conversations are no longer immune to questioning either. 'I heard you say to Daddy that....' Luckily I can move JJ to another room with me and she cant understand what I am saying...yet.

So I find that there is yet another thing to think about before I open my mouth. Where is MiniMe?


  1. Ah yes, this is where the Parental Code Talk Manual comes in very handy. But, of course, then you have to field question after question asking what you're talking about!! x

  2. Little buggers aren't they? Life would be so much easier if you could just 'get on with it' without all the 'shielding'. We are good for Friday BTW - wanna come for early dinner too? G would love to see N again!! You need to please send me your mobile number (mine were wiped remember?!)