Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can I go tomorrow?

Its been a big week in our house this week...

MiniMe has started school and is LOVING it! When I picked her up on Monday I asked her how it was and her response - "Can I go tomorrow?". Definitely loving it. She was literally bouncing off the walls on Tuesday afternoon, mainly due to the fact that she and her new friend both got the first Mini Merits in the class. Big smiles all round. Already, there does seem to have been some whose-friend-is-whose negotiations but I am assured that everyone is happy with the current set up!

Goofy started preschool on Tuesday and while she does not show the same enthusiasm as her older sister she is enjoying preschool. She was upset that she couldn't go today so I take that as a good sign that she had a good time. She is loving being at home today and having a bit of Goofy time though!

JJ stayed in bed till 7am this morning! We heard from her a few times between 5-7am but she managed to get back to sleep which is a new feat for her! Can she do it tomorrow?!?

I am so impressed with how they have all gone this week, especially as it has been so so so hot. I am trying to get my head around everyone's rountines and have put together a timetable of the week so I can have it all in one spot. I am VERY thankful the SIL and I have been able to share the drop off/pick up as having to co-ordinate preschool and school seemed an insumountable task this week. It was enough to figure out what to put in each compartment of the Tupperware lunchbox each morning (I feel the pressure to fill each compartment with an appropriate sized peice of food)!

So all are happily dancing along .... gotta love that!


  1. I'm hoping my middle child settles in quickly. My eldest took off without a backward glance! I know what you mean about the tupperware containers. I am already fretting about tomorrow!

  2. Filling that lunch box is hard, isn't it? My son just started preschool and I am feeling the pressure, too!

  3. That's great news for Mini Me. She was so ready and it's brilliant that it lived up to her expectations. x