Monday, February 14, 2011

Made it smock.

Ages ago I picked up a Lincraft brochure on how to make an art smock (you can also find it online). Last week it came in handy!

This fabric is kind of like block out curtain fabric so I am hoping it wont leak through. I figure MiniMe is pretty good at not getting too messy when painting now. (Famous last words!)

I also know that the days of not wanting what everyone else wants are numbered too so I will home make things until she wants what the rest of the class has! She told me she really liked it so hopefully she enjoys having something made by Mummy!

Bring on the works of art now!


  1. Lovely, I reckon you should be linking your crafty / sewery goodness up to Kootoyoo's Thursday 'My Creative Space' linky. Lots of really interactive bloggers post on it and you would have such fun showing off your wares.

    Kristy rocks too! x

  2. Good job! I should take some of your inspiration and churn out a couple myself (my 3 year old uses a myers shopping bag with holes cut in it at the moment! LOL)