Monday, February 21, 2011

Made it Monday.....Change table mats

I once bought a white terry toweling change table mat cover and could never find another one again. So I gave up searching. There are only so many time you can walk down the Target baby nursery aisle and be disappointed!
So I decided to try making one using the help of a craft A load of craft. This pink stripey number was my first attempt. I made it out of U2's Granny's old night gown. Reuse, Re purpose! I didn't have enough for the back so I fashioned this little elastic number on the back as no one will see it anyway.

I then thought I would try and make some better ones as gifts, for my new nephew and for my one year old niece. The one for my nephew is made out of my brothers old baby wraps. My sister in law likes red so I thought I would make a red one for her. These two both have an opening at the back that you can slot the change mat into. Should you have the right shaped change mat.....

I have since discovered that not all change mats are like mine! Just as I had finished making SIL's I found out that her change mat is long and skinny! The drawback of making gifts!

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  1. Clever you! Love the inventive elastic solution. x