Friday, August 19, 2011


This isnt Goofy - all images are from

At the moment I am struggling to get Goofy to talk to other people. She hides behind me and looks away when people talk to her. We are working on one word answers to 'strangers'  questions like, how are you?(and strangers includes anyone other than me, U2 and MiniMe)

So it took some prompting to get her to look Gramps in the eye and say 'thank you' for her birthday present last night. It didn't appear she was thankful by the quick glance and mumbled words that stumbled out. But then she said grace at dinner and the words just flowed out without prompting...

'Thank you for this food. Thank you that Gramps gave me lovely presents. Amen'

Amen indeed.

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  1. Happy birthday to Goofy. Shyness is a hard one, I think. I do know that both my 'shy' children became ridiculously outgoing as they got older... x