Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The little things..

Today was a day full of little surprises, nothing major but just some little things that make you smile.

As I was leaving school this morning one little boy waved at me and said hello. I recognised him as the older brother of a boy in MiniMe's class. I then heard him say to his teacher - that is my brother's girlfriend mother. Will be asking MiniMe a few questions when she comes home!!

I had to wait for a truck to fill up with diesel at the service station, JJ was not happy about the wait. The truck driver came back with a bottle of water for her. A kindness I rarely see from a stranger.

I went to Vinnes and they had three things that I have been wanting to get but haven't yet found 'not new'. One was a red bumpy ball which JJ loves, the other a china mug for Goofy (MiniMe has a special one for her hot milo and this one today has a cute 4 on it - perfect for the new four year old!) and lastly part of U2 father's day present.

We then went to Franklins and the lady at the till let me have two of the Sun Herald Mary Poppins CD's - one for us and one for MiniMe's teacher who has been off school for the last two weeks because of an injury. MiniMe is going to be thrilled.

I finally got to trying to fix up Mum's old leather jackets - it is coming up ok. Putting black conditioner on it cover the wear and tear.May even wear it this Saturday night to the school fundraiser.

I started reading a book with my cup of tea. I forgot how much I like reading and didn't realise how much I had missed it. Didn't realise it was a book about a mother who died of cancer and left letters to her daughters but so far so good.

Our Harvest Hub started today and it was pretty simple to distribute. I am looking forward to meeting the members this afternoon.

I got 9 bananas for $5.

I just had a mango Fruche and it was as good as I remember.

They are just little things but good things.

What are your little things today?

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